About GenBioPro

Here to Help

In the US, medically unnecessary restrictions and political interference result in medical abortion being inaccessible for far too many people. Limitations on abortion care training, high costs, laws targeting abortion care providers, and disinformation are just some of the barriers to abortion care.

Our company was founded on the belief that all people – regardless of income, gender, race, or geography – have a right to reproductive health care, including access to medical abortion. From driving down medication costs to promoting accurate information about abortion, our mission is to deliver affordable, effective products for people seeking abortion care.

We promote personal dignity, access to medical evidence, self-determination, and high-quality health care for all.

GenBioPro is helping to advance medical research to improve reproductive health. We are committed to eliminating barriers and to supporting the community of health care providers, pharmacies, patients, and advocates working to ensure universal access to reproductive health care.


Already at Work for You

We’ve been working quietly for both patients and health care providers since 2012. Our market entry and competitive presence triggered changes that have benefitted the community. Before coming to market, we advocated for reduced dosage requirements, the expanded treatment window, prescriber privilege, and fewer required patient visits. We successfully obtained FDA approval in 2019 and commercialized the first generic 200 mg mifepristone tablet. In 2022, we worked with the FDA to update prescribing guidelines and protect health care provider and patient privacy, simplify prescriber participation, and expand options for pharmacy dispensing. Going forward, we’ll continue to innovate and work for the reproductive health community at large.


We Believe

  • Health care providers have had limited options for quality, reasonably-priced, family-planning products that millions of their patients depend on. For example, until our FDA approval, there was only one option within the US for mifepristone.
  • Over-regulation of medical abortion forces doctors to spend unnecessary time and resources to prescribe and provide this care to their patients.
  • The introduction of GenBioPro generic mifepristone tablets, 200 mg, to the market has helped stabilize supply and satisfy the rising demand among patients for medical abortion, which has steadily increased in the US since its introduction in 2000.
  • Our understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s complex regulatory processes is key to identifying opportunities to increase access to safe, affordable, reproductive health care.

Building Trust: Step by Step

Evidenced by our work to date, you can trust GenBioPro to continue to develop solutions that break new ground, bring advantage to health care providers and patients, and advocate for long-term change. We are working towards a world that ensures access to safe, affordable, reproductive health care — including medical abortion — is within reach for everyone.